Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I wrote the book "Broken."

In an effort to keep people engaged and interested in the fire I feel for the release of "Broken" I am updating Charlie's blog. As a person that likes to sit back and watch other people's lives and relationships unravel (good or bad) before me, every word I type about myself is difficult. I just dont find my own life that interesting.

It is easy for me to write about someone or something. I feel for the orange traffic cone that was left behind by a construction crew to burn and disenegrate in the summer sun. I wonder what the people closest to me are thinking about when they are all alone with their own thoughts while lying in bed or sitting on the toilet. (The toilet being some parents only sanctuary)

I wrote "Broken" for that very reason. I wanted to try and capture what my niece and her family are feeling while she endures a debilatating illness. Only they know what truly occurs in the house behind closed doors, and each one of them have their own door.

Payton's mother told me I captured some of the moments. There is not enough time or memory in my computer to capture them all. I sent a copy to a young woman suffering from the same condition in New Zealand for a second opinion. I feel the reality portion of the book is hard hitting like life. I created the fantasy chapters to give my niece a sampling of how I used to deal with my disease as a child. "If only I could kick that guy asthma out of my body everything would be all better", I would say to myself while sitting up in bed in the middle of the night.

Future postings will be written by Charlie Beagle to make the dulldrums of my daily pursuit to become a writer a little more interesting. I am sure he will be able to hold your curiosity. He is the sweetest dog I know after all and he is also my best friend. (Even though I am not his bestie on somedays)

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